Embroidered patches Woven patches are often underrated as forms of marketing and getting your message across, but if you use them effectively then they can prove really useful. Patches are used for many different reasons, while the military, emergency services and adventure groups have all been known to make the most of their benefits. Modern methods of attachment for embroidered patches include an iron-on backing and velcro, making them easier to use than ever before. Here are some top reasons why consumers choose to go with embroidered patches.

Cost –

embroidered patches

embroidered patches

14448761_1294977270535623_2114534906418077689_n 14522963_1294976957202321_6871699475385391804_n 14519821_1294977093868974_6322725585655763403_n. Manufacturing costs have been reduced to make these patches the ideal choice if you have to operate within a budget.

Versatile – There’s no end to the amount of items that embroidered patches can be applied to. This includes shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps and just about any other form of clothing. The fact that embroidered patches can be easily attached to difference pieces means they could be a great choice for you.

Collectible – If your organisation is hoping to build an image, then embroidered patches have been known to become collectors’ items. This type of response can be extremely advantageous for your brand in the long run.

Durable – Embroidered patches can withstand plenty of cleaning and drying cycles without any change in appearance.

Style – With the right type of design you can really stand out from the crowd. There are all sorts of styles and colours you can have, providing you with a unique solution that shouldn’t be underestimated.

You can choose to attach your embroidered patches in a variety of ways. Sew on patches are very popular as they provide permanence. You also have the option of removing them and sewing them back on later down the line without any problems, thanks to the durability of modern patches. You could also iron them on, as a heat seal backing allows the embroidered patches to stick to clothing securely. There’s also stick on, where you just simply peel the backing and apply it to your item of choice, which is a great option for a fast and temporary application on an event day. embroidered patches

Embroidered patches offer a huge range of benefits and there are also a variety of methods for attachment.  embroidered patches www.crystalleisurewear.co.uk http://crystalleisurewear.co.uk/index.php/services/embroidery.html

Our Service

At Crystal Leisurewear, we have 20 years experience in embroidered clothing. We can create your image, logo or just wording into the perfect embroidered design.

Embroidered clothing is a great way to establish a corporate identity/brand for businesses, clubs and societies.

We supply a huge range of embroidered corporate clothing, promotional clothing, uniforms, workwear, sportswear and other garments to companies across the United Kingdom. (click here to see our online brochure)

Our customers include small businesses, large blue chip companies, sole traders, sports clubs, schools, colleges and other organisations, we will advise you with the quality and brand of garments that best suits your needs.

Our Process

  • You provide us with your design.
  • We create a sample of the embroidered design on a swatch (a piece of fabric) for your approval.
  • Once the customer is entirely happy with the sample will we start production